Nee Eye And Lip Make Up Remover Gel 150 ml

Make-up remover gel helps clean the skin and remove makeup residue

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Nee Eye And Lip Make Up Remover Gel 150 ml

Nee make-up remover gel contains a gentle formula that helps to remove all kinds of makeup.
It hydrates and soothes the face, leaving your skin clean and soft thanks to its flower water.
Nee make-up remover gel is suitable for all skin types, it can be used anywhere at any time, therefore It does not require rinsing.

Active ingredients:
Flower water

How to use:
Apply a small amount of Nee make-up remover gel on a cotton pad and remove the makeup starting from the eyes, then moving to the lips, and finally to the rest of the face.

Points of interest:
- Always wash your face with your face cleanser and removes the makeup with a suitable makeup remover before going to the bed.
- Moisturize your skin before applying makeup
- Always Clean your makeup tools.

Made in: Italy

Quantity: 150 ml

Store at room temperature