Nee Lip Pencil L6 Dark Brown

Long-lasting waterproof lipliner to define the lips shape

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Nee Lip Pencil L6 Dark Brown

Nee Lip Pencil is a waterproof and long-wearing lip pencil that helps you to reshape and fill your lips.
It is very smooth on the lips and it blends easily, in addition, it draws a very thin and precise line.
Nee Lip Pencil formula is infused with natural antioxidants.
Available in too many shades and it comes with a small blending brush.

Shade: Dark Brown

Active ingredients:
Natural antioxidants

How to use:
Apply the lip pencil to the contour, or, if preferred, on all the lips.

Points of interest:
- Always wash your face with your face cleanser and removes the makeup with a suitable makeup remover before going to the bed.
- Moisturize your skin before applying makeup
- Always Clean your makeup tools.

Made in: Italy

Quantity: 1 Piece

Store at room temperature

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