Trind Nail Balsam 9 mL to strengthen nails

Moisturizing balsam for dry and brittle nails

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Trind Nail Balsam 9 ml

Trind Nail Balsam is a moisturizing and nourishing balsam for dry and brittle nails to avoid breaking, splitting, or chipping.
It contains biotin, vitamin E and B5 for strong and beautiful nails in just 2 weeks.

Benefits OF Trind Nail Balsam:
• Moisturizes the nail.
• Nourishes the nail.
• Prevents breaking of the nails.
• Improves the condition of the nail.

How to use Trind Nail Balsam:
Apply a thin layer of Trind Nail Balsam on bare nails.
Allow it to be absorbed for 1-2 minutes.
Massage excess product (if any) into the nail plate and surrounding skin.
Use Trind Nail Balsam as often as you like to keep nails in excellent condition.

Active Ingredients OF Trind Nail Balsam:
Biotin , Vitamin E , Vitamin B5.

Points of interest OF Trind Nail Balsam:
• Uses in combination with Trind Nail Repair for extra strong and beautiful nails.

Stores at room temperature.

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